2017-Fabian Rogers

Fabian Rogers

First Major:         Film & Media Studies

Second Major:     English


300 Word Statement

When I stepped foot on Lafayette’s campus, I thought my interest in technology would carry me to a passion I could pursue soon after graduation. But just as expected, that was not the case. My curiosity in figuring out what captured my mind took some time. With some insight about film making from a Lafayette alumnus, I soon found my niche.  Finding my calling as a filmmaker helped me build my own network to thrive as both a student and scholar. I was able to find the confidence to involve myself in projects that went beyond the classroom and made an impact both on and off campus. I was able to reach the goal of not just being an asset for myself but for faculty, students, and friends alike. From being a Posse scholar, Excel scholar, Resident Advisor, Technical Assistant, Ensemble Composer, Student Cinematographer, Discussion Facilitator, and an Orientation Leader I have become an asset for a plethora of communities both on and off Lafayette’s campus. These have been the experiences where I was able to grow most as a person. In seeking assistance among faculty and students to build my skill, I was able to return the favor by having the aptitude to be a resource for anyone looking for a helping hand. This nomination reminded me of this path that helped foster the potential for me to excel. It has been a humbling experience seeing the payoff of another’s betterment in making myself a reliable resource. I would like to believe I left my own personal footprint on this campus as a result. Through all of the hurdles and constant guidance, I’m grateful that I found my purpose. I found a voice in myself that has had the ability to help more people than just me. I appreciate Lafayette’s community because it is only in a place like this, one can truly excel.


Academic Activities/Awards – Total Years Involved

  • Posse Academic and Leadership Scholarship (4)

I am a scholar from New York Posse 12. This is a full-tuition scholarship issued to a student from an under-represented high school that exudes the potential for leadership and shows the aptitude to create a socio-political impact on their campus upon acceptance.

  • Excel Scholar (2)

Being a cinematographer and transcriber for Prof. Nandini Sikand’s on-going documentary film focused on the private prison/ jail system and its biases against women ‘insiders’.

  • Senior Thesis (1)

Having the fortunate opportunity to create my first experimental film. “The Benefit of the Doubt” is an experimental poem focused on atonement, loss, and confusion with a young man’s relationship with his father. Through the use of close-ups of playing billiards, sketching, and playing drums, I reflect on the non-existent relationship shared between he and I during his lifetime.

  • Film & Media Studies Technical Assistant (2)

Being an asset for students in both production and theory-based film courses. Ranging from giving insight on aspects of pre-production, production, and post-production, to assisting students with equipment, story boarding, and editing projects, students become more capable of creating film projects with my assistance both in and out of the classroom.

  • Lehigh Valley Dance Association Cinematographer (2)

Assisted in creating short film projects for several dancers and dance groups all associated with the Lehigh Valley dancers Association. From Cinematography to editing, I worked closely with the executive producer, Prof. Adam Machose to created highlight dance films to promote up and coming dancers, ranging from secondary school to college-level.


Campus Service/Activities and Awards – Total Years Involved

  • Campus Cinematographer (2)

Assisted in being a student representative on behalf of the Film & Media Studies Department in filming, editing, and creating film projects for various departments, programs, and other colleges as well.

  • Campus Photographer (3)

I have been a student photographer that has assisted in getting photography of campus-supported events on campus overall. From student to faculty-oriented or created programs, I have done photography campus-wide.

  • Orientation Leader (1)

I was appointed by Lafayette faculty to facilitate the orientation of the Class of 2018 to the Lafayette College campus experience and culture through seminars, discussions, and organized events. I led a group of 20 new first-year students through an immersive experience to learn about the resources, campus activities, events, departments, support services, and information available on / campus that fosters academic success, community values, and a natural transition into the Lafayette community.

  • Resident Advisor (2)

Helped establish and maintain an atmosphere within South College residence hall that is conductive to study, sleep/rest, and positive interpersonal interactions. Also helped organize and implement monthly programs and take appropriate action in response to all violations, emergencies, and safety/security concerns within the residence halls.

  • Campus Discussion Facilitator (2)

For campus-wide discussions on socio-political events, I have offered myself up as a facilitator for a deep, thought-provoking discourse to encourage different and much needed perspectives.


Community Service – Total Years Involved

  • Campus Photographer (Non-profit) (1)

I have been a student photographer that has assisted in getting photography of campus-supported events on campus overall. From student to faculty-oriented or created programs, I have done photography campus-wide.

  • Teens In Community Mentoring Program (1)

Helped facilitate discussions with secondary school students to reach for graduation and college readiness. Assisted students with homework, classwork, projects, and other relevant work they needed assistance with overall.


Athletics Activity/Award – Total Years Involved


Special Interest – Total Years Involved

  • Ensemble Member/ Composer/ Assistant (4)

I have been a member of the Lafayette College Percussion Ensemble since my first year at Lafayette. I was offered the chance to compose my own musical piece for the ensemble’s fall semester concert of 2016. I have been an active leader for many ensemble pieces for the last 2 academic years.

  • Percussionist (4)

I have been playing drums since 2009, when I first entered secondary school. This prominent passion had actually led to building my network that helped get me to apply and get accepted by Lafayette as a Posse Scholar. I play a variety of different styles and can play on virtually on any and every drum presented to me, with or without sticks as well.

  • Sketch Artist (4)

I have done several sketches that led to becoming tattoo concepts for friends, to even being scenes to add to the plot of my short films while here at Lafayette. I have also helped in sketching banners in support social movements on campus which were student run overall.

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