2017-Othman Guennoun

Othman Guennoun

First Major:    Mathematics and Economics

Minor:           Certificate in Financial Policy and Analysis


300 Word Statement

I would like to begin by expressing how incredibly humbled I am to have been nominated for this prestigious prize. It is with the deepest appreciation that I thank everyone who has nominated me – it truly means a lot. 

My Lafayette experience has been a journey of growth and self discovery, through which I came to cherish who I am as a person via my activities and involvement on campus. Coming to Lafayette as an international student from Tangier, Morocco, I knew I would be forced to adapt to the new and — at times, scary environment I was being thrown into for the next four years. Lafayette’s tremendous network of support allowed to me to remain true to my core beliefs and values rather than forcing me to change who I was in order to fit in. 

Throughout the past four years, I feel I have left an undeniably positive mark on the college community as a whole. My passion for linguistics led to me to help launch a program that grants students the opportunity to converse with a native in their respective languages. Along the same lines, my interest in the financial industry spurred my involvement in the Investment Club. Last fall, I had the exciting opportunity of representing the club and our school on a nationally televised CNBC broadcast that highlighted the club’s success over the years.

My college journey has transformed my fear of change to a genuine love for Lafayette College. Despite some hurdles and setbacks along the way, I feel I have adapted fantastically to my new environment – and have been able to represent Lafayette in the best way possible. My involvement on campus has allowed me to give back to the college in such positive ways and I could not thank Lafayette enough for all it has given me. Aside from my contributions to the college and my academic success, I believe I am the Lafayette ideal because I can look in the mirror today and be truly content with who I am as a person. For these reasons, I can hopefully say I am Lafayette’s ideal, but I think it was really Lafayette that was ideal for me.


Academic Activities/Awards – Total Years Involved

  • Study Abroad Good Citizenship Award (1)

This award recognizes a student who has achieved a high degree of personal and intellectual growth as a result of study abroad, and who has and who has given generously of his/her time and energy in support of the program, its director, and his/her classmates to ensure the quality and success of the study abroad experience for all involved.

  • H. Tarbell Award (1)

Awarded to a student who demonstrates an understanding of financial operations and institutions.

  • Omicron Delta Upsilon (1)

International Economics Honor Society. Inducted May 2016

  • Marquis Scholarship (4)

One of Lafayette’s most prestigious merit scholarships.

  • French Writing Assistant (4)

I helped students with their French essays in 200 and 300 level French classes by meeting up with them twice/three times a semester and going over the grammar and vocabulary in their essays.

  • French Conversation Partner (3)

 I talked to groups of students in French, conversation style, for 30 minutes part of a program which I helped launch at the college in order for language students to get better at speaking the language they are studying.

  • E-Portfolio Editor (2)

I edited and gave feedback on students’ French classes blog posts on a regular basis

  • Lafayette College Fed Challenge Team

Was part of a team of 11 students who were chosen  by the Economics Department faculty to represent Lafayette in the regional Fed Challenge competition where we came second.

  • Dean’s List (2)

Dean’s List for 4 semester of my college career.


Campus Service/Activities and Awards – Total Years Involved

  • Student Government (4)

Vice President, Academic Affairs Chair and Class Representative

Replaced the president whenever needed and made sure correct voting and budgetary procedures were followed. Started a Language Speaking Assistants program in order to help students develop their language speaking skills by meeting with a speaking assistant bi-weekly to practice speaking the language. Also served as a member of the Budget Committee which allocated funds to different clubs on campus.

  • Investment Club (4)

President for two years and Analyst.

Led a group of hundred students in managing a $600,000 portfolio. Delegated on a weekly basis who presents the market update and which stock pitches are beneficial to the club’s portfolio. Featured on CNBC’s Squawk Box in a story about our club’s investment strategy.           

  • Proctor at the Foreign Languages and Literature Resource Center (4)

Proctor in French and Arabic. Proctor language tests in the lab, help students with their language courses work, and assist them with using lab equipment such as iMovie and Audacity.

  • Alumni Relations Council (3)

I am part of a group of students who work together to plan events to make the student body more familiar with Lafayette’s traditions. Every year we plan a brunch to celebrate Lafayette’s finding on 3/9.

  • Senior Class Gift Committee (1)

Helped solicit gifts from my classmates to reach our 90% participation goal and $10,000 gift total.

  • Admissions Tour Guide (1)
  • First Year Activities Board (1)

Was part of a group of first years who got elected by the freshman class in order to plan events for the class of 2017.

  • TEDxLafayette (1)

Helped plan the TEDx annual conference by contacting several speakers and asking them to attend and participate in our conference.

  • Member of the 2016 Pepper Prize Selection Committee (1)
  • Member of the 2017 Commencement Advisory Committee (1)


Community Service – Total Years Involved

  • Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (2)

IRS Certified Tax Preparer for underserved, low-income populations. Helped lower income people from the Easton community prepare their tax forms.

  • Lafayette Investment Club Trading Game (1)

Co planned a trading simulation card game where the winner of the competition won $1700 to be donated to the charity of their choice. The winners donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

  • Holiday Helpers (3)

Donated every year to the cause which helped children and their mothers get items they wished for.


Athletics Activity/Award – Total Years Involved

  • Men’s Club Volleyball (1)

Was part of club volleyball team my freshman year.

  • Regular at the Fitness Center


Special Interest – Total Years Involved

  • Intern at Ernst & Young, Advisory (1)

Interned in the Business Advisory Program, part of the Financial Services Organization. Researched and analyzed different customers for the firm’s client which was a large asset manager, as part of a project to help the client follow anti money laundering Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations. Got a full time offer after the internship.

  • Intern at Gagnon Securities (1)

Interned at this broker dealer where I helped created models and valuate companies. I also met with several of the managing teams of the companies the firm owned in their portfolio and asked questions about their performance.

  • Emerging Leader Award, Hoff Awards (1)

This award recognizes a student who has demonstrated considerable leadership potential and has made an impressive transition from exploring to taking the lead towards meaningful change. Decisions about why or how to change were based on an evidence-based need. The recipient displays consciousness of self, commitment and values congruence

  • Interim Trip to Japan (1)

Went on a class trip to Japan where we visited and learned about Japanese culture and history through our visits to the cities of Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Tokyo.

  • Languages (4)

I speak fluently in English, French, Arabic and Moroccan Arabic with basic understanding of Spanish.

  • Debate, Public Speaking (4)

I really enjoy debating and public speaking every since I debated the topic of Net Neutrality in 2012 in the United Nations General Assembly hall.

  • Golf (4)

Play Golf for leisure on a regular basis.

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