Libby Mayer

Major: Neuroscience

 Minor: Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Personal Statement

I understand the “Lafayette Ideal” to be synonymous with “changemaker”. Beginning with the Marquis de Lafayette, who pushed boundaries and addressed injustices as a young adult, I believe students who embody the “Lafayette ideal” strive to do the same within and beyond our campus community. Today’s changemakers are students who care deeply about Lafayette, recognize our community’s flaws, and actively work to improve our campus culture for current and future students.

My own role as a changemaker is largely reflected through my leadership and involvement with Pards Against Sexual Assault (PASA), where I have worked to push boundaries and address injustices by advocating for the needs of survivors, facilitating prevention education workshops, and creating space for ongoing dialogue in hopes to make Lafayette a place free of sexual violence. This culminated in the last two years as I combined my scholarly and activist training to take a leadership position in developing, facilitating, and evaluating Lafayette’s first evidence-based First-Year Orientation (FYO) sexual assault prevention workshop: the Empowered Consent Program. I trained 16 of my fellow peer educators to facilitate the program, and we successfully delivered the Empowered Consent Program to the entire class of 2025 during FYO.

My feminist and STEM education has given me a unique perspective that values empathy and open-mindedness and centers the needs of those who are most marginalized. My engagement with PASA, feminist research, neuroscience, first-year orientation, and club athletics has exposed me to a diversity of experiences and provided me with opportunities to meet other changemakers across all corners of campus. I am proud to be part of the generation of students who address injustices head-on and relentlessly advocate for change all while adapting to the unforeseen challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic by continuing to be changemakers even while our community was separated.

Academic Activity |years involved|

The 2022 Basow Award in Women’s & Gender Studies |1|”Awarded to a student who has made a significant contribution ‘to the field of Women’s and Gender Studies in a way deemed worthy by a selection committee. This contribution might include a research or service project, independent study or paper, or another type of activity that increases our knowledge of Women’s and Gender Studies or improves the lives of those disadvantaged by their gender.’”

Phi Beta Kappa |1| Inducted junior year, “elects to membership only those students who have demonstrated both breadth and depth of liberal learning and who have in the process established for themselves academic records of unquestioned excellence.”

WGSS Research Assistant |1| During my junior year I participated in a research team as a part of a year-long project to create the Empowered Consent program, a tailored, evidence-based sexual assault prevention program to used during the 2025 FYO. As a part of this project, we conducted a thorough literature review, surveyed the class of 2024, conducted interviews and ran focus groups. We also analyzed the @anti.violence.laf instagram page to help identify gaps in knowledge to better inform the content in the workshop. I spearheaded the recruitment and training of 16 peer educators from PASA and One Love over the summer of 2021. I was also responsible for coordinating the mechanics of the program and ran a presentation of the program to 300+ student leaders prior to orientation along with 2 other members of the research team.

Gender-based Violence Research Lab Assistant |1| I am currently working as a research assistant primarily analyzing survey data from both an immediate and 3-month follow-up survey for the Empowered Consent program. The analysis culminates in a white paper report that outlines the major findings from the surveys as well as highlights recommendations for the future iterations of the program.

NASPA Conference Presenter |1| National Association of Student Personnel Administrators- Alongside my research professor, we were invited to present at the January 2022 conference with two other institutions to provide a workshop on creating tailored prevention education programs. We prepared during the fall semester to deliver a 3 hour long interactive workshop. Unfortunately, due to the spike in COVID-19 cases, the presentation was canceled. We hope to collaborate with our co-presenters down the road to eventually deliver the workshop and distribute the tools we have created with others in the field of prevention education on college campuses.

Dean’s List |4| Awarded 6 of past 7 semesters

Campus Service |years involved|

Pards Against Sexual Assault (PASA) |4| As a member since my freshman year, I have facilitated educational workshops with athletics team, greek organizations and campus groups in addition to organizing programming events centered around awareness and advocacy. I have served on the executive board for 5 semesters and Co-president for 2 of them. Each year we celebrate Take Back the Night in November and Sexaul Assault Awareness Month in April putting on multiple programming events to engage with the community. In the winter of 2021, we published our Open Letter to the Lafayette administration which highlighted both long and short term goals to better support survivors and prevention efforts on campus. In the fall of 2020, we put on The Consent Campaign with Student Government which culminated in a community discussion with over 200 participants engaging in a conversation about how to address sexual violence on our campus. Additonally, after years of advocating for a student advocate postion to be created, we were delighted to welcome the first advocate this past summer.

Orientation Leader |3| I was responsible for helping a group of 10-15 first-year students navigate their first weekend on campus in a fun and engaging way. I provided support to them throughout their first year on campus and beyond.

50th Anniversary of Coeducation Committee |1| I served as a student member to help plan and coordinate events to celebrate the 50th anniversary of coeducation at Lafayette.

The Dog House |1| After completing a formal training by The Seeing Eye to become a certified handler, I helped train a puppy in the early stags of becoming a service dog for the visually impaired

Ambassador of Lafayette |1.5| As an Ambassador of Lafayette, I led personalized tours for prospective students and their families to provide them with a well rounded introduction to our campus. I effectively answered their questions and offered support beyond their brief visit to campus.

Delta Gamma, Director of Scholarship |1| In this position, I oversaw the academic information for the chapter, provided academic support for members and acknowledged the academic successes of our chapter.

Senior Class Gift Committee |1| As a member of the senior class gift committee, I worked with peers to choose specific areas of campus to support throught the class gift and we are currently promoting our senior involvement in donation efforts.

2021 Daniel H. Weiss Award for Leadership and Vision- PASA |1| Awarded to PASA while serving as Co-President: “The Daniel H. Weiss Award is an annual prize presented to a Lafayette-related individual or group of individuals who have demonstrated leadership and vision.”

2021 Daniel H. Weiss Award for Leadership and Vision- 50th Anniversary Committee |1| Awarded to the 50th Anniversary of Coeducation Committee while serving as a member: “The Daniel H. Weiss Award is an annual prize presented to a Lafayette-related individual or group of individuals who have demonstrated leadership and vision.”

 Community Service |years involved|

Volunteer at Moravian Hall |3| Prior to COVID-19, I attended visits to Moravian Hall, a senior living community, with a group of students where we would engage with the residents through crafts, conversations, songs, and more. Because of the pandemic, we have pivoted to continue engaging with the residents in other ways like sending them letters.

PASA Fundraisers for CVC and Third Street Alliance |2| During SAAM 2021 and TBTN 2021, PASA organized fundraisers for the Crime Victims Counsel of the Lehigh Valley and Third Street Alliance in Easton. We are in the works of organizing another fundraiser to occur at the end of April in conjunction with Lehigh’s Break the Silence peer educator group.

Athletic Activity |years involved|

Club Crew Team |4| served as the secretary during sophomore year, bow seat in the women’s varsity 8

Dad Vail Champion |1| 2019, Novice Women’s 4+

Head of the Charles Competitor |1| 2019, competed in the varsity 4 category and placed 10th out of 36 crews

Special Interest Activity |years involved|

2020 General Election Poll Worker|1|I helped run the polls from 5am-9pm and assisted voters (Palmyra, NJ).