Ross Coleman

Major: Mathematics and Economics

Personal Statement

When thinking about the Lafayette ideal, my mind immediately goes to a speech made by Matthew McConaughey. He said that his hero is, and will always be, himself in 10 years. He knows that he won’t ever get there, but that is just fine because it gives him somebody to chase. This quote encapsulates my opinion that the ideal Lafayette student guides their own path, leverages all the fabulous opportunities that Lafayette has to offer, and creates their own story throughout their four years. That, to me, is the true Lafayette ideal.

My experiences and accomplishments at Lafayette have been based on my yearning to give back to the school that I have grown to love and appreciate. My many different roles on Student Government have allowed me to grow as a student leader, from creating a large surplus of funds to distribute to our clubs to opening a dialogue on revamping the organization’s Constitution and Bylaws. I also believe that what I have learned in the classroom has allowed me to reach my true academic potential, as highlighted by my Excel Research which uses statistical modeling to predict the March Madness tournament. As Captain of the tennis team, I have proudly sported the Lafayette logo while rallying my teammates and reminding them that if you want to win a match, you need to persevere, stay focused and remain positive.

I also consider one of my greatest accomplishments to be the people I have met throughout my four years, whether it was while a member of the Men’s tennis team, belonging to my fraternity, or working with my professors and faculty who have continually taught and challenged me. The experiences that I have shared and the memories that I have made at Lafayette have helped me to grow immensely as an individual, and I will forever be grateful for the opportunities the Lafayette community has afforded me these past four years.

Academic Activity |years involved|

Excel Scholar – Mathematics Department |1| I was selected by an academic committee to participate in the Excel Scholar program in the mathematics department. I worked with Professor Jeffrey Liebner to predict the 2022 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament using statistical modeling. I incorporated techniques such as logistic regression, linear regression, hypothesis testing, and machine learning to forecast the bracket.

Sports Analysts at Lafayette Club, Founder and President |2| I created the Sports Analysts at Lafayette Club to provide a platform for interested students to showcase their passion for the quantitative side of sports. Members of the club are able to showcase their interests and research in any sport that they would like.

Omicron Delta Epsilon |2| I was inducted into the National Honor Society for Economics in my Junior year.

Patriot League Academic Honor Roll |4| I was selected all four years to the honor roll, which represents academic success amongst student athletes in the Patriot League.

Professor of the Year Committee |1| I participated in the Ad-Hoc Committee in Student Government that chose the Professor of the Year.

Dean’s List |4| I was named to Dean’s List multiple times.

Campus Service |years involved|

Student Government Vice President |2| I assumed the role of Vice President of Student Government in the spring semester of my sophomore year. My role primarily focused on the internal workings of the organization, such as coordinating the elections and applications process, updating the organization’s Constitution and Bylaws, and serving as Parliamentarian. I also ran the Student Government impeachment process throughout most of my Junior year. I was reelected to the position for my Junior year.

Board of Trustees Committee on Financial Policy, Student Associate |1| I was selected by the Board of Trustees to serve as the Student Associate to the Board of Trustees Committee on Financial Policy. I considered and assisted in creating policies for the asset management of funds, including custody and control, debt management, financial accounting, financial reporting, control of financial operation, and purchasing and insurance.

Student Government- Treasurer |1| I was elected by the student body to serve as Treasurer and Chairman of the Budget Committee. I was responsible for the allocation of funds to all student organizations. I also led weekly meetings with committee chairs to discuss and debate how much money to allocate to a given club based on its importance to the community.

Dean of Students Search Committee |1| I was selected as one out of four students that served as a member of the committee that would select the next Dean of Students. I spent time reading applications and interviewing potential candidates, while also providing a voice and opinion on the matter.

Lafayette Investment Office- Extern |1| I participated as an extern at the Lafayette Investment Office in New York City. I learned about how the office manages the college’s endowment, while also conducting research on potential money managers for the office to invest in.

Ambassador and Tour Guide |4| I conduct tours of the campus twice a week to prospective students and parents.

Student Government Member of the Year |1| I was awarded Student Government member of the year based on dedication and work ethic towards the organization for my Sophomore year.

Budget Bylaws Committee – Chairman |1| During my time as Treasurer, I created the budget bylaws committee that was responsible for amending the bylaws by which the budget committee makes financial decisions for club requests. I spent the year leading the ad-hoc committee that updated the bylaws that eventually were deemed effective and operational. These bylaws are what the Student Government Budget Committee uses to this day.

Student Government- Constitution and Bylaws Committee |1| I was a member of the ad-hoc committee responsible for updating the organization’s Constitution and Bylaws.

Student Government- Budget Committee |3| I spent three years as a member of the budget committee. The Budget Committee hosts meetings each week to allocate program funding for events hosted by student groups. Additionally, we distribute annual budget funding for regular operation costs of groups.  We strive for equity and representation in our allocations.

 Community Service |years involved|

Fraternal Government Relations Coalition – Student Representative |1| I directly engaged with federal legislators by lobbying on issues of importance to the Greek Life Community. I spoke with legislators and other Greek Life members around the country on issues such as hazing policy and financial aid.

Lafayette Votes! |2| I worked with a diverse body of students, faculty and staff to provide students the resources and knowledge needed to make decisions at the polls that align with their values and interests.

Mathematics Tutor – Easton Area Middle School |1| Through my first year seminar, I took weekly trips to the Easton Area Middle School to tutor middle school students in their mathematics classes.

Chi Phi Rho Philanthropy Events |3| I participated in many different community service events through the Chi Phi Rho Fraternity. This includes Dog Day, Read Across America, and Light up the Night.

Athletic Activity |years involved|

Men’s Varsity Tennis Team |4| I was selected as Captain for the 2021-2022 season. I started all four years in both the singles lineup and doubles lineup.

Instructor – Pickleball Palace |3| I was a Pickleball teacher at Pickleball Palace in West Orange, New Jersey. Taught all ages.

Special Interest Activity |years involved|

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. – Incoming Algorithmic Trading Analyst |1| After graduation I will be working for J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. in their Algorithmic Trading department in New York City.

United States Securities and Exchange Commission- Student Business Honors Intern |1| I assist senior examiners by conducting research on specific investment management companies in the Mid-Atlantic region. I perform examinations on companies as part of a team. I attend seminars, workshops, and meetings to learn about the history of the SEC and the process by which it makes financial market decisions.

UBS- Summer Intern |1| I learned how to manage stock portfolios, conducted research on the next generation of investors, and helped organize and manage data regarding client investments. I analyzed specific equities and fixed income to determine future trends in investing.

Wharton Sports Business Academy- Head Residential Teaching Assistant |1| I managed 10 Residential Teaching Advisors, organizing and assisting with classes and lectures. I also helped teach leadership skills to high school students and provided them with insights into the marketing, accounting, economics, and management of sports enterprises.

Chi Phi Rho Fraternity – Treasurer |2| I was elected by fellow brothers to serve as Treasurer of the Chi Phi Rho Fraternity in 2021. I maintained a budget, balanced accounts, and secured dues collection. Developed methods to track the chapter’s fiscal sustainability.

Chi Phi Rho Elections Coordinator |2| I was appointed as the first ever Elections Coordinator in the Chi Phi Rho Fraternity. I ran the process that elected each Executive Board member of the Fraternity.

Chi Phi Rho Bylaws Committee Chairman |1| I was appointed to lead the committee in charge of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Chi Phi Rho Fraternity.

Lafayette College Career Tracks Program |1| I participated in the Career Tracks Program in the Finance track in New York City. I spent three days visiting six different companies, hearing from Lafayette alumni and learning about each company.

Seelaus & Co. – Summer Intern |1| I interned at an asset management firm that provides investment strategies to individuals, institutions, and foundations.

Ladenburg Thalmann & Co. – Extern |1| I participated in a virtual externship where I learned about the Investment Banking sector.